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Redefining Wellness

More than just a buzzword

WearDuke is a campus health initiative approaching student wellness at Duke in a fresh way. In the face of academic and social pressures, wellness slips the mind. But what if there was a way to allow students to monitor their activity and be aware when action needs to be taken?

Meet the Wearables

The wearable device market has exploded in recent years. Millions of people are tracking their steps, heart rate, sleep and more to make informed decisions about their health.

Track Sleep

Understand the quantity and quality of your sleep

Record Activity

Create healthy habits by tracking steps and logging diet and exercise

Visualize Progress

Become aware of trends in your health and take action

Some of the popular commercial brands include Apple, FitBit, Garmin, and Polar. WearDuke wants to use this technology and the excitement surrounding it to get incoming freshman interested in learning about the importance of sleep and activity on their physical and mental health and academic achievement.

Our Plan


The first pilot will be launched in a single residence hall. Students will be invited to enroll in WearDuke, obtain their wearable and begin to measure and track their daily activity and sleep patterns.

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