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Redefining Wellness: More than just a buzzword

Enrollment is open for the 2021-22 year!

WearDuke is a campus health initiative approaching student wellness at Duke in a fresh way. In the face of academic and social pressures, wellness slips the mind. But what if there was a way to allow students to monitor their activity and be aware when action needs to be taken?

Meet the Wearables

The wearable device market has exploded in recent years. Millions of people are tracking their steps, heart rate, sleep and more to make informed decisions about their health.

Track Sleep

Understand the quantity and quality of your sleep

Record Activity

Create healthy habits by tracking steps and logging diet and exercise

Visualize Progress

Become aware of trends in your health and take action

There are many types of wearables available. Some of the popular commercial brands include Apple, FitBit, Garmin and Polar. WearDuke wants to use this technology and the excitement surrounding it to get students, particularly incoming freshman, interested in learning about the importance of sleep and activity on their physical and mental health and academic achievement. But even if you don't have a wearable, your smartphone can collect a lot of health-related data and enable you to monitor your activities.

Our Plan

2019 - 2020

Plans for the 2020-2021 study were changed due to campus changes in response to the novel coronavirus. WearDuke was opened to ALL students and no wearable will be provided nor required.  We updated the companion app (iOS only) with more interactive features, competitions and information.


Vary Your Exercise Activity

Frequent and short exercise sessions get the job done!

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2020 American Fitness Index

Durham, N.C. ranked #1 in the state and #34 in the country for fitness!

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Take Famous 'The Science of Well-Being' Course

You can now take free online courses about health and well-being through Coursera, like the popular class "The Science of Well-Being" from Yale Professor Laurie Santos!

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Fitness trackers can help predict coronavirus infections

Activity trackers like Fitbits and Apple Watches can detect cases of covid-19 by logging fluctuations in heart rate, sleep and activity levels, according to new study.

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Top FAQs

I’m really interested! How do I join?
Great! If you’re a full-time undergraduate, graduate or professional student and own an Apple Watch 3 or higher, go to the Enroll Now page to join the Duke Community Arm (open Aug 2021). If you are living in one of the selected first-year resident halls participating in WearDuke, you will be sent a special invitation with information about the program and instructions to enroll.

What is the data for?
Your data will ultimately be used to help you and fellow students to improve your own performance and better keep track of your own health. We will not analyze the data at the individual level, but instead combine the data of all participants to understand about health behaviors and develop interventions that are responsive to student needs.

Who will see my data?
Only study investigators and the study coordinator will have access to the data files. All data will be stored with a study ID number, so that your name will not be associated with your data. All data will be securely stored at Duke.

Who can I contact for more information?
We’re happy to help answer any additional questions or provide clarification on details. Please email us at wearduke@duke.edu.

How do I get the WearDuke app?
The app is only available to students who have completed the enrollment process. Go to the Enroll Now page to begin!